Can anything good come out of nazareth racism

We can hear all of the superiority the speaker assumes in this encounter with a stranger. Can anything good come out of Nazareth? It was a tiny village, inhabitants, a village made up of tiny houses, very poor people, most of them scraping by trying to make ends meet in an empire and economy that thought them of no worth or value.

It may be a question we ask today as we reflect on our lives and world. Are there words of life, of hope, in scripture, does our faith in God, or the good news of Jesus Christ, still speak, still offer life and meaning to people who are seeking connection, and meaning, and hope?

So many of our Christian brothers and sisters seem to be at peace or eager to embrace the current vision of a divided nation and world, turning their backs not only on their African-American brothers and sisters, but eager to destroy the lives of the millions who have come to this nation seeking new futures in a new place, by forcing them to return to countries they barely know, where their lives are endangers. How do we proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ in this context, what is the Good News of Jesus Christ for us and for our world?

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In John, the call of Andrew takes place in the wilderness. The way this encounter takes place is especially interesting. The next day, Jesus decides to go to Galilee where he encounters Philip and then Nathanael. Jesus identifies Nathaniel, saying something crucial about who he is.

Seeing, knowing, believing. We must show them our experience of Jesus Christ; show them what it means to follow Jesus, what the abundant life he offers us is like. But if we say those words, we must put that abundant life into action. We must welcome the stranger, clothe naked, feed the hungry.

We must embrace with the love of Christ all those we encounter, whether they walk through our doors, or pass by. We must be able to show them that here, among us, the love of Christ is experienced and offered, a love that knows no distinctions, a love that includes LGBT people, people of color, people who have come here from countries across the globe in the hope of flourishing, of making new lives for themselves and their families.

We must welcome them, embrace them, learn from them, and allow their experience, their lives to enrich and expand our own. Of course we do all that in so many ways—through our pantry, the homeless shelter, our work against racism, our participation in the Haiti Project.

I hope all of you will stay or come back for the adult forum, when Ron Geason will share his experiences as a Peace Corps volunteer in Uganda. I previewed his presentation on Thursday and was overwhelmed by the images I saw, people of great joy and great faith living, working, and singing in difficult circumstances. Come and see!

can anything good come out of nazareth racism

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Can anything good come out of Nazareth- Bishop Jeremiah Silla

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More on the NIV. Viewing of.When Jesus. Though the first disciples were from Galilee, Jesus had called them in Judea where they were with John the Baptist. Nathanael momentarily stumbled over the lowly origin of the Messiah. Jesus, having supernatural knowledge v. Nathanael was puzzled as to how Jesus knew about him. Jesus promised Nathanael a greater basis for belief, probably referring to the miracles to come in chapters Jacob saw the angels going up and down a ladder. Nathanael possibly was getting a little excited about all this, until Philip tacked on that last piece of information.

You Christian relationship with God is not established by your citizenship in a nation. We are like the atheist who said he surely did not believe in God after he almost died one time.

His friend asked what happened, said he was driving across the desert in Arizona when his car broke down and he began walking for a couple of days in the blazing sun. Simon was a man of many faults and shortcomings, but Jesus had that supernatural way that He still has today to look into the very heart and character of a man, woman, teenager and child and see what they CAN be….

The lead spokesman talked all about the group and pointed out the kind of tall, goofy looking member of the group and drew attention to the fact that he never said much, but he wrote most of their award winning songs. To which the songwriter responded, and can you believe that God even used a mule to talk?

The point here is simple, God can use anybody for anything Peter was by all accounts should be remembered as a failure.

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John — Gospel of John Series - Part 3. Sermon Tone Analysis.

Can anything good come out of Nazareth? Come and see!

Can anything good come from there? Jesus knows who you are today. Then Jesus testifies that He saw Nathanael under the fig tree. It seems that his heart was ready to hear from God. The good news today is that Jesus knows where you are. Related Media. Related Sermons.I saw "Whoa" and zig zag and was in! A kindred in this kingdom family of benefactors to His preposterous grace, Kate. Thanks, Kate T! Haha, yeah, I guess it reads a bit like a Batman comic, lol!

Today i was like eeeh He makes the end in the beginning and beginning after the end Thanks for your comment! It's important that Christians can point to these supernatural prophecies and their equally-powerful fulfillments. Thank You sir! I am just wonder stuck! Its a beautiful commentary. Thank you and God Bless you. This Article still does not answer the reason why nothing good was considered to particularly come out of Nazareth.

However, it is very enlightening in many aspects. Thanks for pointing that out! I was supposed to have said something about Nazareth being considered a "backwater". I just made a little edit at the beginning about Nazareth. Maybe that will help. Hey, my name is Scott Smith. I'm a Catholic attorney, author, and theologian. I live in southern Louisiana with my beautiful wife and four wild-eyed children.

We live between two rivers in our hometown of New Roads Read more. Have you ever wondered about Nathanael's strange remark in the Gospel of John? Was it just that Nazareth was a rural, backwater sort of place? No, there's much, much more. In the very last verse of his Gospel, John wrote this: "But there are also many other things which Jesus did; were every one of them to be written, I suppose that the world itself could not contain the books that would be written" John If this is true, we know John wouldn't just waste space with a useless line.

So what gives? What insight does this give us into the mysteries of Christ? Stay tuned!No one of any importance had ever come out of Nazareth. It was a suburb of Sepporis. Nathanael and Philip were citizens of Bethsaida. A port city on the Sea of Galilee. An exporter of fish among other things. Nazareth was nothing in comparison. But the ultimate good came out of it. Philip had found the Messiah.

The One promised in the Law and the Prophets. Not with a supposed and imposed authority based on an office. He spoke with an authority all His own. Just as it does when we read the printed Word on the pages of our Bibles.

Philip knew the Scriptures. He knew that God had promised a Prophet like Moses would come. A Word that would be absent for a while. But the Word may not be heard by the people. It was bantered about and almost worshipped, but most did not listen. When he saw the promised Prophet standing before him, he had to tell his friend Nathanael. In his mind, there are strict requirements for the Prophet: He must be born in Bethlehem. How could a man from Nazareth fit these criteria?

After all, families were well-established and deeply rooted in the same area.


Very rarely did a person move away from the town of their birth. Usually only for educational purposes. In fact, this was the case for most every generation before the Baby Boomers. Then, the spreading out of the family, across the country and around the world, became more prevalent. No longer do multiple generations of families live in close proximity to each other. You can live in Minnesota and have parents in South Dakota and cousins in Iowa. Children can live in Texas and Florida. Families are no longer bonded to a single place by necessity.

This Jesus was from Nazareth, not Bethlehem. But that does not rule out His being born in Bethlehem. Everyone had to return to the town of their ancestors for registration. And it took years to assemble everyone and count them by hand. This Word that gives faith through its simple proclamation. So Nathanael follows his friend. Because he listened to the Word.

can anything good come out of nazareth racism

The Word through which Philip invited him to faith.In the Gospel of John we read about many witnesses. Everyone is testifying. As we come to the end of the first chapter, we meet another type of witness — Nathaniel.

Five Things You Didn't Know About Nazareth

It fact according to archeological conclusions it boasted no more than residents. Jesus must have spent time there as a child and youth, accompanying his Nazareth-resident parents to it for all kinds of matters pertaining to life in Roman Palestine. However, it is not readily apparent why Nazareth would get such a negative evaluation Jn. According to Lk. This may argue for the view that this village along with Cana village [1] was one of those places which was considered to be under Jerusalem religious control and influence of hoi Ioudaioi as discussed in previous commentary sections.

Almost every time that Jesus is accepted it happens in Galilee, while his rejections are almost exclusively connected to the land of Judea.

can anything good come out of nazareth racism

Jesus was Jerusalem-centered, Temple-centered Galilean Jew who was not accepted by his own, not in Jerusalem and not in Jerusalem-controlled settlements in Galilee. To sign up for weekly posts by Dr. Eli, please, click here.

It is recommend by Dr. Eli that you read everything from the begining in his study of John. By Julia Blum April 8, By Julia Blum April 2, The Hoi Ioudaioi asked how […]. A large crowd of people followed Jesus and witnessed his miracles. At the time when the village of Nazareth had a population of no more than people according to reliable archeological data one can […]. Maybe, just maybe, the comment from Nathanael was just a cynical and maybe sordid comic remark over the prevalent claims of messianship in those times by various groups and their respective leaders.

As the late George Carlin would have said: Another Messiah? Are they going to organize the Skulls so one of them makes it to power? Given the origin of the Gospel of John as the last one and its overall concern for profound spirituality and scatology, the depiction of the complex cultural diversity among the Israelites and their fierce regionalism within their own land would have been well served by presenting that even from the beginning of the disciples some took the extremes adopted by various groups as a motive for joke and disbelief.

You can see a brief overview of this here. This being a personal statement, one wonders how much this opinion is really worth.Civic and village rivalries were common in antiquity. Why does the Fourth Gospel recount this question? If John wrote for an audience outside Galilee, many of his hearers might have known nothing about Nazareth except what they had heard in other stories about Jesus. Given that they would likely be unfamiliar with this negative appraisal of Nazareth, why would John bother to inform them of it?

If we read John in light of what precedes it, this verse becomes rich with irony, a technique that pervades this Gospel.

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This emphasis remains clear in the immediate context. They also resemble a similar invitation offered by a Samaritan woman to her people in John Whether hearers are interested in Jesus as in Johnhave heard nothing about him as in John or have legitimate objections as here in Johnthe invitation is to come experience Jesus for themselves.

For John, argument has its place, but it is the experience of Jesus and the Spirit that proves most persuasive. You are the King of Israel! Jesus then promises Nathanael greater revelation. Now Jesus builds on that comparison, declaring that Nathanael will witness angels ascending and descending on Jesus John Jesus may be from a humble hometown, but far more significantly he is king over all Israel JohnJohn Craig S.

Keener F. He has authored nearly one hundred academic articles and twenty-four books, including The Gospel of John: A Commentary 2 vols.

His books cumulatively have sold more than one million copies. The Gospels tell of John as a zealous early disciple of Jesus; later traditions attribute to him major parts of the New Testament and tell of his continuing witness into the second century.

Jesus is presented in the Gospels as a person of extraordinary significance for faith, religion, and history. The archaeological evidence for Jewish villages in Galilee inform our understanding of the life of Jesus and early Judaism in the land of Israel.


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